Archie is our Bernese Mt Dog Stud. He is gorgeous. Archie is a very loyal, loving dog. He follows us all over the farm. The perfect combination of beauty and temperament. He is our mascot and recently participated in a local parade. We can't wait to hear how much you love his puppies. He is OFA certified GOOD for hips , normal elbows and is clear for vonWilebrands Disease.


Tilly is the sister to Danika. Tilly will do anything for a treat. She has a fuzzier coat that sheds less and a beautiful block head. Tilly prefers to be with others and will take all the attention she can get. This past winter, Tilly had OFA certification done. According to the OFA there is no evidence of hip dysplasia, and her hip joint confirmation has been evaluated as GOOD. Tilly also has had her elbows and shoulders evaluated and according to the OFA there is no evidence of elbow dysplasia and her evaluation was NORMAL. The third evaluation was done on her shoulders. According to the OFA her shoulders came back NORMAL, and there is no evidence of Osteochondrosis or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). Tilly also is clear for vonWilebrands Disease.


Shasta was one of the first dogs on the ranch. She is a F1 goldendoodle. She is exceptionally clean. She can run like the wind but is also happy to chill on the couch. She is an excellent mother and teaches her puppies manners and starts them on potty training. Shasta's puppies are often a variety of colors depending on who the sire is. She is very easy to live with and doesn't shed at all. Our customers have given us a lot of very good feedback about Shasta's puppies.