THE Bernedoodles


    She is a Bernedoodle from the first litter of bernedoodles ever born here at Nito Ranch. Jade is a sweet girl. She is so calm and mellow in the house that she rarely leaves the couch. When she does go outside to play she prefers to watch the chickens and dig holes in my flower bed. I can't stay mad at her for long because she is such a darling dog. If you have been to the ranch before you may know Jade's parents, Tilly and Reese. That pairing has made some of the nicest dogs in term of demeanor you could ask for. I'm so glad we had the foresight to keep one back for ourselves. Look for Jade to have mini Bernedoodle babies with a great personality in the future.



    Atlas is from imported lines. He is shorter than the other Berner studs we have had but no less striking. He has a gorgeous blocky head and nice markings. He is a sweet sweet boy and we love taking him on hikes. He isn't too sure about going over bridges, but he is quite content to stick to Tom's side wherever we go. He definitely knows who feeds him most and does what he can to please Tom. His long gorgeous coat reminds me of a lion, he is just a regal boy.


    Berkeley is the daughter to our beloved Archie and Tilly. She reminds me so much of her Dad when I look at her. She is very sweet and loves attention. With little time spent on training she intuitively knows how to behave with one exception, she steals shoes. She really enjoys grabbing a boot or a shoe any chance she gets and carries it around the yard like it's her most prized possession. Thankfully she doesn't chew them up. She is great on a walk or just hanging around. She has a thick gorgeous coat and picture perfect Bernese markings. We have been really happy with her mothering skills and know you're going to love your puppy if you choose one of hers.


    Lacey is the daughter of our first ever BMD's Archie and Danika. Lacey is the perfect blend of loving her people and not being too clingy. She can often be found just laying in the driveway. She will definitely greet you and want to be pet but then is happy to go do her own thing. She is a little smaller and does great in the house, with the kids and with other pets. I often find her being loved on by the cats. Like our other berners she isn't a barker or a chewer. She loves the outdoors and is a happy go lucky girl.



    vWD - clear
    DM type A&B- clear
    Hips & elbows - pending



    Dali is named after Salvador Dali. She is a parti colored purebred standard poodle. She is your typical poodle. She likes to be the top dog on the ranch. She is perfect in her genetics and composition. She is gentle with people and takes her time checking things out. Once she is sure of you then she loves to be pet and played with. Dali is new to the ranch and has not yet had any puppies. Now that her health clearances are done we plan for her to have her first litter of Bernedoodle puppies in 2018. We hope that she will produce some gorgeous tried colored Bernedoodles for us and our families.


    Leo is named after Leonardo DaVinci. He is a parti colored poodle with phantom markings. He will sire tri colored bernedoodles and parti colored goldendoodles. He passed his genetic testing and joint certifications in 2018 and has already proven to be a great addition to the ranch. He does like to let people know he is here, often the first to say hello but then is off to doing his own thing. He loves to play with the females and check out the cattle on the farm. He likes to be pet and has the best coat so I like to pet him just as much. He is very smart and will pass that trait along to his pups.


    Mona is a cream and white standard poodle. She has the softest fur and feels luxurious to pet. Mona is actually short for Monet because she is as pretty as a picture. She is a very loving dog that seems to have a sixth sense which allows her to know when someone needs her affection. She is not an alpha dog and gets along very well with other dogs and cats. Her love for others is a trait we hope she will pass along to her puppies. While she is athletic and can jump high when she wants to show off she is not one to be hyper and jump all over people. I believe she would be an excellent therapy dog and I look forward to seeing how perfect her puppies are too.