Atlas is from imported lines. He is shorter than the other Berner studs we have had but no less striking. He has a gorgeous blocky head and nice markings. He is a sweet sweet boy and we love taking him on hikes. He isn't too sure about going over bridges, but he is quite content to stick to Tom's side wherever we go. He definitely knows who feeds him most and does what he can to please Tom. His long gorgeous coat reminds me of a lion, he is just a regal boy.


    Evie was imported from Serbia in January of 2020. She is a beautiful, stout, well marked European type girl. She is completely clear for all of the common berner genetic and testable diseases. She is what I like to call my velcro dog. She loves being petted and loved up on more than any dog I have ever met. She is sweet and friendly but doesn't always remember her size. So her berner lean could bowl you over. Berners are known for being aloof but she did not get the memo. She is extremely people focused and attentive. I anticipate her puppies to be very affectionate and loyal to their families as well.


    She is the Daughter of Atlas and Lacey. She was born here at Nito Ranch in the Spring of 2021. Penny was truly the "Pick of the Litter." We adore her. She's incredibly soft and just a sweet girl. Is there anything cuter than a baby Berner? Penny is the future of Nito Ranch Pups and we are excited to watch her grow and develop.


    Heidi is a AKC registered purebred Bernese Mt Dog. She is the daughter of our Lacey and Atlas. She is genetically clear for the common BMD testable diseases. She has completed her basic obedience training and was a definite favorite during her coursework. She is a happy, well mannered girl who is very easy to get along with. Heidi is a perfectly marked and beautiful girl. We look forward to seeing her puppies in the future. Heidi and Penny will be the future Dams for Nito Ranch. They are sisters but each was pick of the litter from their litters.