She is a Bernedoodle from the first litter of bernedoodles ever born here at Nito Ranch. Jade is a sweet girl. She is so calm and mellow in the house that she rarely leaves the couch. When she does go outside to play she prefers to watch the chickens and dig holes in my flower bed. I can't stay mad at her for long because she is such a darling dog. If you have been to the ranch before you may know Jade's parents, Tilly and Reese. That pairing has made some of the nicest dogs in term of demeanor you could ask for. I'm so glad we had the foresight to keep one back for ourselves. Look for Jade to have mini Bernedoodle babies with a great personality in the future.


    Bella was born here at Nito Ranch. Her Dam is Lacey our BMD and her Sire is Pico our Moyen blue merle poodle. She is living in a guardian home where she is spoiled with regular hiking trips and visits to the apple orchard. She has been very easy to train and love. We can't wait to see how cute her puppies are. We plan to use her for mini f1b bernedoodles sometime in late 2021.


    Paisley was born here at the Ranch. She was one our first Mini bernedoodles sired by Mickey. Her Mother is our Bernese Mt Dog named Berkley. She is a very affectionate little girl. She absolutely loves to snuggle on the couch but equally enjoys playing with her dog friends in the yard. She's good for her groomings as well. Paisley is what I would consider a perfect family dog. Versatile, yet gentle enough to get along with everyone in the family from toddlers through grandparents and everyone in between. In the future she will be the Mom to f1b tiny bernedoodles.