Lucy was born here at Nito Ranch. She is a mini bernedoodle out of Mickey. She was special early on and we struggled with letting her go. Then we found a perfect Guardian Home for her. This way Lucy gets to be loved on and part of a family where she gets spoiled but she will still be part of our breeding program once she passes her tests and is old enough to become a Mom. We anticipate 2023 to be when she will have her first litter. Here's what her family has to say about life with Lucy: "Lucy is the most social, loving dog We have ever known. She loves her family and absolutely loves meeting new people and dogs. She is full of energy and loves her daily walks. She is super smart as potty training was a breeze.


    Paisley was born here at the Ranch. She was one our first Mini bernedoodles sired by Mickey. Her Mother is our Bernese Mt Dog named Berkley. She is a very affectionate little girl. She absolutely loves to snuggle on the couch but equally enjoys playing with her dog friends in the yard. She's good for her groomings as well. Paisley is what I would consider a perfect family dog. Versatile, yet gentle enough to get along with everyone in the family from toddlers through grandparents and everyone in between. In the future she will be the Mom to f1b tiny bernedoodles.