Aussie Doodles $800

Ready to go home September 23rd

F1b Bernedoodles $3500

Ready to go home mid-November. Bella and Leo's litter.

Boys: Oogie Boogie, Beetlejuice and Casper



Oogie Boogie

Oogie is a mini blue merle male bernedoodle. He is anxious to find his forever family.
He is very touch tolerant which makes him easier to groom and safe around kids because he doesn't mind being handled, in fact he kind of likes it. While he is fairly people focused and likes attention he does have some manners and doesn't show any aggression or bossiness towards people. He is very playful and friendly towards other pets, even ones he's never met before. He just assumes everyone is a friend. He has an average energy level, not hyper but not lazy perfect for a family with kids. He shows no interest in prey behavior, sorry Dad he's not a hunter. He does startle to sudden new sights and sounds but recovers quickly and then becomes curious especially about what is making that sound. With a little bit more socializing he should be a very confident pup. He doesn't just bark to hear himself bark but he will vocalize if he needs something. He is already potty trained to a litter box and will transition easily to a potty spot outside. Oogie would be a candidate for a first time dog family that's willing to take him to obedience class or an experienced dog family that is just looking for a well rounded family pet.


Look at this marshmallow! Beetlejuice is just the sweetest. He is a standard sized male bernedoodle. He is so calm and sweet. He is willing to do anything for his person. He's going to be so easy to train and just naturally a great companion. He wants nothing to do with hunting but he would be an excellent candidate for a service dog. Grooming him will be a breeze as he stands so nice and tolerates all the trimming and brushing so well. He is already well on his way to being potty trained. He would be an excellent companion for an older person/couple or for a family who plans to add a baby in the future as he is just so calm and sweet.


Casper is a small standard male bernedoodle. He will be low to no shedding and hypoallergenic. I expect him to mature to around 60-65 lbs.
He is a very calm loving boy. He is very respectful to personal space and boundaries. He is the same way with other pets, he wants to be their friend but doesn't want to be the Alpha. He has absolutely no interest in hunting or prey drive. He is very touch tolerant and will be a very good boy for the groomer and the vet. I feel he would make a good addition to any family even one with young children. He is confident and doesn't get anxious around new sounds and sights. He is curious but cautious about new things. This easy going fun guy is hoping to find his forever family soon.

AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs $2500

Ready to Go Home January 6th. Atlas and Evie's Litter.

Several females still available!