Adult Dogs for Adoption

We have some beautiful adult dogs looking for a home. We have poodles and a bernedoodle available for adoption. To inquire about any of our adoptable adults or to become a guardian home for our program contact Tom directly at 605-951-5257 to discuss in greater detail.


Mickey is named after Michael Angelo. He is a miniature blue merle poodle. He carries the parti gene and has given us some absolutely gorgeous merle tri mini bernedoodles. He is too smart for his own good and gives Tom a run for his money some days. For whatever reason Mickey is particularly fond of Nichole and will do whatever she wants. He follows her wherever she goes and then plops down at her feet. He's like her shadow and personal foot warmer. He enjoys playing with the puppies and gets to go on lots of car rides. He's really fun to have around.

We also have two beautiful Australian shepherds available named Oakley and Ginger.