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Nito Ranch Pups

Hello, we are Tom and Nichole Cauwels and, along with our four children, we own Nito Ranch Pups. It's pronounced Neat - O but just stands for Nichole and Tom. Our family lives on a 70-acre ranch near the Sioux Falls and Brandon, SD area and breed adorable dogs for adoption. We also raise cattle and pigs, and the kids have been active in 4-H showing chickens and goats. What started out as a hobby has turned into a passion.

Evie Bernese Mountain Dog

Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are beautiful and blessed with affectionate personalities. Berners are generally laid-back companions who get along with the entire family and are particularly gentle with children. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, sturdy breed who can stand over 27 inches at the shoulder and are known for their thick, silky tricolored black, white, and rust coat.

Max - The Bernedoodle


Bernedoodles are a gentle, intelligent, and trainable hybrid dog breed that is a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Bernedoodles are a constant source of comfort and companionship. They are intelligent, loyal and devoted to their families.


Ultra Bernedoodles

Ultra Bernedoodles (high percentage Bernese Mountain Dog) maintain the distinctive coloring and markings of the Berners. While they tend to be a little chunkier than a Bernedoodle, we thinks it's a a great blend of temperament, structure, and beauty of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles.

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Our dogs are raised on 70 acres of land in Brandon, SD.

Dogs are said to be a person's best friend, but we consider them family. Nito Ranch Pups loves helping people find their furry companions. We're a family owned and operated dog breeder near the Sioux Falls and Brandon, SD areas. Our dogs love to roam our 70-acre property, spending time with the cats, chickens and other animals.

Call 605-951-5257 today to learn more about our available dogs for adoption.

Every dog breed comes with its own unique traits. As a dog breeder, it's our job to help you find a companion that fits your family and your lifestyle. We focus on breeding for Bernedoodles, Ultra Bernedoodles, and Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs.

When we decided to begin raising puppies in 2012, we knew we wanted to do it right. We start by properly socializing and training our puppies that will eventually grow up to be Dams and Sires. We also litter train the puppies and introduce them to a crate.

Our dogs are genetically tested for all common genetic diseases for their breed type. Once old enough we also have them either OFA or PennHip certified. This way we can ensure the puppies health before we even chose the mating. We take your pet's health seriously.

Pricing pricing varies by breed, please see available or upcoming litters for specific details. Your puppy gets daily care, socialization, exercise and and attention. Beware breeders offering low prices; they are probably sacrificing in some are to keep the cost low.

Nito Ranch Pups Testimonials

We are absolutely in love with our 12-week old Golden Doodle we got from Nito ranch. She has been easy to house and kennel train and likes to cuddle-when she's finally exhausted from playing :). I would definitely recommend Nito Ranch to anyone wanting to add a dog to their family!

We have had our golden doodle for just over 3 weeks... she has been very easy to train and is well mannered! Tom and Nichole are great people to work with! I would highly recommend Nito Ranch!

We got our puppy from Nito Ranch a little over two years ago. They were great to work with! Would definitely get a puppy from them again!!

I would highly recommend Nito Ranch if you are looking for new puppy. We have had are golden doodle now for 2 years and couldn't ask for a better dog.

We bought our gorgeous, well mannered goldendoodle from Nito Ranch about 2 yrs ago. He is very smart, learns commands easily. I plan to enlarge my family (pack) in the near future. I am so happy with my dog Gary I will for sure, buy my next dog from Nito Ranch.

I got the most beautiful ,well behaved Bernedoodle girl from Nito Ranch! I highly recommend! You wont be sorry.

I love looking at all the cute puppy pictures.

We have had Wrigley for two weeks now and he is definitely the star of the family! He is so lovable and smart! He caught on quickly to training and had his first vet check last week and it went well! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with!

We got our Bernedoodle, Odi, in July. He is almost 6 months old and has been THE BEST dog ever. So sweet, gentle and smart. He will take long walks and fetch the ball but chill on the couch and be the snuggliest pup ever! I can't tell you how much I love this dog.

He has been the perfect addition to our family.

I fell In love with a friend's goldendoodle that came from Nito Ranch. Nito Ranch didn't have any goldendoodles available but had one Bernedoodle. We had never heard of this breed but are now sold and convinced we have the better dog! Our Bernedoodle is not quite 11 weeks and we think we hit the puppy lotto. Our little girl is not only cute, but she is a smart cookie, too. In the last week she has learned to sit, stay, lay down, roll over, come and shake. She is a fabulous dog and I'm so grateful for Nito Ranch and our Bernedoodle!