The Bernedoodles


Harlow - Momma - F1 - Guardian Home

Harlow was born here at the Ranch but lives in Brandon with her Guardian family. Harlow has a goldendoodle housemate and 4 human children in her family. Harlow is very mellow, never one to jump on people. She absolutely loves to be petted and will paw you back if you quit before she's ready to be done. She will only bark if there is a stranger at the door. As the home's protector she is wary of new people until she knows they are safe, then she warms up quickly. Her shedding level is similar to people, she loses hair when brushed and can sometimes find stray hairs around. She has had one litter and did a great job raising her pups.

GM2 Gangliosidosis - Clear
Intervertebral Disc Disease (Type 1) - Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, NEWS - Clear
Osteochondrodysplasia - Clear
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd - Clear
Von Willbrand Disease Type 1, Type 1 vWD - Clear
Rt hip - .33
Lt hip - .34


June - Momma - Guardian Home

June was born here at the Ranch and lives with her Guardian family in Sioux Falls. She has 1 dog brother and 3 human sisters. June loves to play and "box." She loves her girls even more than food and will not have breakfast until she has greeted her best buddy. June is a mid sized girl weighing roughly 40 lbs and has a cool blue merle coat that doesn't shed. Her family describes her as a forever puppy because she continues to want to play with the kids more than anything else.

Clear through parentage for the following:
penn hip pending


Lizzo - Momma - F1

Lizzo is a gem. She has the perfect dark copper points that are coveted in the bernedoodle world. We went to great lengths to find the quality and look that everyone wants when choosing a bernedoodle. She has a straighter shaggy coat that has been easy to maintain. She's a bouncy girl with a lot of joy to spread. She's a great co-pilot in the car on trips. She's the first to greet you with a smile and a tail wag. Just like her namesake she is a queen from Michigan who turns heads and demands attention. Lizzo spends a lot of time playing or snuggling with her best friend Jackie. We are excited to raise puppies with her out of Max. They will be perfect little teddy bears designed for those who may be allergic to dogs or require no shedding.

The Mini Bernedoodles


Max - Stud - F1b

Maxillary Canine is his full name but he goes by Max for short. The funny sounding name is due to his other job. Max is an emotional support dog at our local dentist office. He is a doll that brings joy to people during their time of stress. Max had to work through his issues with car sickness to make the regular commute into town and is doing great with that. He comes to us from Canada where he received a great start to his obedience training. Max was selected by his breeder specifically based on his genetic testing as well as temperament testing since not all bernedoodles are created equal we needed the best of the best. When Max isn't working he helps his best friend Pudge the English Bulldog keep the back yard safe from squirrels. Max is very calm and good natured. He likes to be the center of attention and prefers not to be alone unless he's napping. It's hard not to notice how cute he is. He has a gorgeous shaggy blue merle coat with the richest rust colored tan points that haven't faded at all.


Lucy - Momma - F1 - Guardian Home

VWD - clear
PRCD - clear
GM2 - clear
DM - clear
NEWS - clear
IVDD/CDDY - clear
Osteochondrodysplasia - clear
Penn Hip - pending
Coat type - F/I C/c
Rt hip - .57
Lt hip - .59


Paisley - Momma - F1 - Guardian Home

Paisley was born at the Ranch but spends most of her time in midtown Sioux Falls with her Guardian family. Paisley is the sweetest girl. She has been in parades. She is very mellow and makes friends easily. She is one of the snuggliest bernedoodles I know. She travels well and does a great job for the groomer. In the summer time she loves to play in the sprinkler or with the hose. She is THE BEST Momma dog ever. When she welped her first litter she did it all on a towel and made zero mess. She continued to keep her puppies and pen spotlessly clean throughout the following months. She was so good about interacting with them, playing and teaching them all they needed to know about being good dogs. Paisley is a girl with a heart of gold.

F1 Mini Bernedoodle

VWD - clear
PRCD - clear
GM2 - clear
DM - clear
News - clear
IVDD/CDDY - clear
Osteochondrodysplasia - clear
Penn Hip - DI= .5
No radiographic evidence of OA
Coat type - F/I C/c


Raine - Momma - F1b - Guardian Home

Raine was born here at the Ranch and weighs in at the top of the mini scale at 48 lbs. She lives full time with her guardian family. She has a lot of fun with her dog sister and human kiddos. She is very gentle with kids. She will never turn down a belly rub or walk around the neighborhood. She has learned a few tricks that are entertaining for the kids as well. She does have a curly coat with very little shedding. Her groomer boasts that she does a great job with her regular spa appointments.

CDDY w/ IVDD- clear
GM2 - clear
CDPA - clear
DM clear through parentage
NEWS clear through parentage
PRA - clear through parentage
VWD - clear through parentage
Penn Hip - pending

The Bernese Mountain Dogs

Kodiak the BMD


Kodiak is a gentle GIANT teddy bear with a tender heart. Just like most Berners he is curious but cautious at first. His guardian instincts to protect his friends kick in when he is met with new people or situations but once he is comfortable that you are a friend and not a foe he is big softy. He may possibly have the largest feet of any Berner I've met coupled with that cute and innocent looking face he is a great representation of what you'd expect from a BMD. Kodiak's pedigree includes dogs who were Imported from Poland which is why he has that desired cobby look. Many American BMD's have taken on more of a tri colored retriever look that isn't true to the breed. We want to breed Berners who look and act like Berners and we feel we found just the right stud for the job. Kodiak is new to the Ranch but he has produced litters prior to joining our family so he is ready to get to work right away.

Berner Guarde # - 189866
Weight - 135 Lbs
Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal

Click here for King Kodiak's Pedigree


Evie - Momma

Evie is the life of the party. Never a dull moment with her around. She doesn't know a stranger and loves people more than any dog I know. She will never tire of being petted, spending time with you and cheering you up. You simply can't feel lonely if Evie is near. She does not possess the typical aloof Berner trait as she would never miss the opportunity to hang out with her human friends. Evie was imported to the Ranch from Serbia due to her stunning pedigree, flawless genetics and gorgeous looks. We have already received rave reviews from families about her puppies and trust her final litter will be just as great.

vWD - clear
DM type A&B - clear
PennHip - Left DI= .32, Right DI= .37


Heidi - Momma

Heidi is a third generation Nito Ranch Bernese Mt Dog. She has a little spunk and likes to play. She is perfectly marked and just the right size for breed standard. Her genetic testing and hip certifications are spot on as well. She is a happy girl that loves to spend her days perched on the porch just keeping a watch on the farm. She will not miss a meal and lets Tom know when it's dinner time by tossing her bowl around until he gets the message. Heidi is the Berner who is "just right." She's not too stubborn or too energetic but just right. She isn't too big or too small but "just right." She's not too shy or too velcro but rather "just right." She's the perfect blend of her parents Nito Ranch's Lacy and Nito Ranch's Atlas.

Rt hip .32
Lt hip - .35


Jackie - Momma

Jackie is the daughter to Evie (Serbian Import) and was born here at the Ranch. Like her Mother she is a moderate sized girl, friendly and affectionate. Jackie is curious and loves to play with her friends in the yard. Lizzo is her best friend. She is a quiet dog, not one to bark at the leaves and bunnies going by. She goes with the flow and is up for anything. Want to go sledding? She's down for that.  Working from home and need her to self-entertain? She's good with that too. Jackie is a bit more aloof while not being unfriendly. Jackie gets along with other dogs well and is delightful to have around.


Penny - Momma

Penny is a gorgeous girl who was born here at the ranch. She was a stand out in her litter because of her perfect markings, blocky head and true to form laid back personality. Penny is sweet and calm and possesses that classic Bernese Mountain Dog nature that makes them such wonderful family companions. Penny goes with the flow and gets along with other pets and people of any age. In addition to being a great friend she also has perfect scores for her genetic testing against common BMD diseases. We know she is going to make an excellent Mother and can't wait to raise puppies with her.

VWD clear
DM type A - clear
DB type B - clear
Penn Hip - Right DI = .32, Left DI = .31

Adult Dogs For Adoption

We have some beautiful adult dogs looking for a home. We have poodles and a bernedoodle available for adoption. To inquire about any of our adoptable adults or to become a guardian home for our program contact Tom directly at (605) 951-5257 to discuss in greater detail.

Dog Mickey RETIRED

Mickey - RETIRED

Mickey is named after Michael Angelo. He is a miniature blue merle poodle. He carries the parti gene and has given us some absolutely gorgeous merle tri mini bernedoodles. He is too smart for his own good and gives Tom a run for his money some days. For whatever reason Mickey is particularly fond of Nichole and will do whatever she wants. He follows her wherever she goes and then plops down at her feet. He's like her shadow and personal foot warmer. He enjoys playing with the puppies and gets to go on lots of car rides. He's really fun to have around.


Mini Poodle

Osteochondrodysplasia - clear
PRA - clear
NEWS - clear
vWD - clear
DM - clear
GM2 poodle type - clear
Hips - Penn Hip - .42 better than average/low risk
Elbows - OFA normal

We also have two beautiful Australian shepherds available named Oakley and Ginger.